About Surrounded by Water...

"If you like your darkness with a splash of humor, Stefanie Freele's Surrounded by Water is the book for you. This smart mix of long and short-short stories is wonderfully crafted and filled with an array of uniquely flawed characters. Freele is a great storyteller. Read her work."

-Sherrie Flick, author of I Call This Flirting and Reconsidering Happiness

"Fiction allows us to explore the hypotheticals of our world more freely. Surrounded by Water is a collection of short fiction by Stefanie Freele, as she draws from her own experiences and study of the world to create very vivid short stories on many topics and the nature of life itself. With poetry and an original sense of humor, Surrounded by Water is a fine sampling of work, highly recommended.

-Midwest Book Review

"Stefanie Freele is a master of getting out of her own way. Her stories are notable for what they are not: not at all predictable, not heavy or light, not true, not false. They are joyful, harrowing, quirky, and deeply honest like the music of your own thoughts when your head is clear and ears unplugged."

-Dan Coshnear, author of Jobs & Other Preoccupations and Occupy and Other Love Stories

"Tear open this latest bag of Stefanie Freele stories. Eat just one. Soon the bag will be empty and you won't feel the least bit guilty. These stories contain minerals, vitamins, and fiber, but you'll swear they're too yummy to be good for you!"

-Bruce Holland Rogers, author of The Keyhole Opera

Ray Vukcevich reviews Surrounded by Water "Finding The Right Strange Details" in The Lit Pub.

About Feeding Strays...

"As its title suggests, Feeding Strays is a deeply compassionate collection. Stefanie Freele has a knack for capturing stray moments in her characters' lives - moments most writers would overlook - and charging them with strange and wondrous grace. These stories will unsettle you, inspire you, and make you feel part of the greater human family.

-Gayle Brandeis, author of The Bellweather Prize-winning Book of Dead Birds, Fruitflesh and Self Storage

"A poignant and very funny short story collection." Gallery Bookshop Mendocino

"A tart fun-to-read collection of loopy short stories..." Santa Rosa Press Democrat

"...even the most domesticated stories in this collection are anything but common and anything but pedestrian in their telling."

-Ashley Kaine, Mid-American Review

"...stories bear the fraught anticipation when your back is to the wave of an incoming tide; and like a rogue wave, the stories catch you off guard but plunge downward with a meaningful thump."

-Kerri Arsenault, American Book Review

"Powerful, funny, not to be missed short story collection."

-Daniel Olivas, author of Anywhere But L.A.

"How I love the stories of Stefanie Freele for their endless surprises, their lemon-tart humor, their beautiful-ugly characters. I'm not always certain how she accomplishes her magic - her stories as quick as a shell game - but I am certain, that you will set down this book as I did, with a hurt heart and a curious smile."

-Ben Percy, author of Refresh Refresh, The Language of Elk and The Wilding

Ethel Rohan reviews Feeding Strays in  Straight From The Heart

Bookcase reviews Feeding Strays in Guilt Free Reading "Freele's stories remind me of why I love to read. Its not just escape, its freedom. It wasn't only the story lines and characters that kept me in a state of suspended expectation, it was the language."


Stefanie Freele