"The Consultant" nominated for The Pushcart Prize by Jellyfish Review 2015.

"Scarlet Fever" Chosen for The Best Small Fictions of 2015Queens Ferry Press.

"Adverse Reactions Include Misplaced Anger" Third Place Green Mountains Review Neil Shepard Prize In Fiction 2014

"When A Foghorn Is The Answer" Nominated for Pushcart Prize by Journal of Compressed Creative Arts.

"Davenports and Ottomans" The Best Short Story I Read In A Lit Mag This Week - Ploughshares

"The Legend Of Ellen Bush" Finalist Saturday's Child contest.

"The Trail, The Goods, The Fire Down To The Coals" Third Place -Honorable Mention  - Moonshine Ink Literary Contest

"While Surrounded by Water" First Place Glimmer Train  Fiction Open

"Pozniejszy" nominated for the Pushcart Prize bySou'wester

"The Removal of Oneself From Corporate Identity" Editors Pick Mid-American Review Fineline Contest

"Us Hungarians" Second Place Glimmer Train  Family Matters Contest

"Buccaneers" Notable Story Million Writers 2010 storySouth

"Buccaneers" Finalist Black River Chapbook Competition

"Tinfoilers" Best of 2008 - Top 50 - Wigleaf

"Breathing Oysters" Finalist Keyhole Chapbook Competition

"Breathing Oysters" Finalist Rose Metal Press Fiction Chapbook Competition

"James Brown Is Alive And Doing Laundry In South Lake Tahoe" Pushcart Prize Nomination Flash Fiction Online

"The Seven Year-old" Best of 2007 Literary Mama

"They Left Us Dangling" First Place Allwriters Fiction Contest

"Sweet Venus" Second Place Juniper Creek Writers Conference Contest

"Strength of the Slender" Honorable Mention Juniper Creek Writers Conference Contest

"Strength of the Slender" Honorable Mention Yosemite Writers Conference Contest

Winner of the Upbeat Person Essay Contest 2004

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