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Interview in Prick of The Spindle 2015

Writer-In-Residence October 2012 Necessary Fiction

Clifford Garstang's Blog "Horrified Faces And Other Unexpected Encounters While Marketing My Books"

Flash Fiction Chronicles Interview

R.KV.R.Y Journal Interview Surrounded by Water

The Story Prize Blog "Stefanie Freele on Disasters Evoking Inspiration"

Pank Interview "Scantily Clad Submissive Women"

Glimmer Train "Oh, The Mistakes I've Made And The Wonders To Howl About"

The Write Practice Interview

R.KV.R.Y Journal Interview "In The Basement"

Butt2Chair - Thoughts On The Writing LifeInterview

Los Angeles Review Interview

Glimmer Train "On Gathering Material" Randall Brown, "Feeding Strays delivers on its promise. Story after wonderful story."

Recommended Reading Interview

Harlot's Sauce Radio,Patricia V. Davis, "If you read only one collection of short stories this year, Feeding Strays must be it."

SmokeLong Quarterly Interview "She Doesn't Ask Where He Goes"

The Examiner, Evan Karp, "Freele's Feeding Strays a blueprint portfolio."

SmokeLong Quarterly Interview "Breathing Oysters"

East Bay On The Brain - Evan Karp Reading Review

SmokeLong Quarterly Interview "In The Kitchen She Wakes"

The Chapbook Review - here is where Sean Lovelace comments on MOTEL and includes photos of motel bed-jumpers.

SmokeLong Quarterly Interview "Arlo's Big Head"

Redneck Zen reviews "Sisters"

Five-Star Literary Stories reviews "James Brown Is Alive and Doing Laundry In South Lake Tahoe.


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Stefanie Freele

             Images: Wyett Lewers